To Boldly Go…


I’m posting these because I’m a Mass Effect fangirl, but I don’t think you need to be a fan to appreciate them.

Commander Shepard, signing off (narrated by Jennifer Hale)

Ghost Riders in the Sky

Star Wars a cappella


In case you missed it, this is guaranteed to bring a smile.

16 fave things about my daughter on her sweet sixteenth



When she’s not leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor or grunting answers to questions, my daughter is a pretty good kid. Here are 16 of my favorite things about her, in honor of her Sweet Sixteenth this year.

  1. She waves “thank you” to other drivers, even when she has the right of way
  2. She went vegan last year because she worries about animal suffering
  3. She passionately defends people who are different
  4. Her handwriting is font-worthy
  5. She thinks of puns off the top of her head
  6. She taught herself how to make YouTube videos
  7. She gets all of my ’80s and ’90s cultural references*
  8. She shares my taste in alternative music
  9. She finished NaNoWriMo on her first try at age 11
  10. She laughs at my dumb jokes**
  11. She volunteers for soup kitchen
  12. She tries, even when she doesn’t feel like it
  13. She doesn’t keep score; she quickly forgets fights with friends
  14. She speaks her mind
  15. She likes wearing pajamas to school
  16. She still says “I love you, Mom”

* Thanks to Family Guy
** It’s possible she’s laughing at me, not with me

New metrics on tech comm and marketing


How Documentation Has Become a Marketing and Sales Tool (Seriously)

h/t Techwhirl

Startups and upstarts


At the end of Season 3 of Mad Men, Don Draper and the gang stage a mutiny after learning about their agency’s merger.

“How long do you think it’ll take us to be in a place like this again?” Roger Sterling says to Don before they skulk off into the night with file boxes and personal items.

sterlingdraperDon pauses, and sighs. “I never saw myself working in a place like this,” he says.

The final scenes show the team huddled together in a hotel room, eating sandwiches as they make plans to start all over again.


Unfortunately, the real answer to Roger’s question was: “sometime between this season and the next one.” With the wave of a hand, in the first episode of Season 4, they were already back in new corporate offices.

I was so disappointed. How did they get there? What challenges did they face between that congenial huddle and sharing sandwiches in that tiny hotel room, and the new Manhattan address? That’s the show I wanted to see.

That very struggle is at the heart of Halt and Catch Fire, another AMC series that was initially billed as a kind of Mad Men for the ’80s computing industry, but it’s much more than that.

I can hardly do it justice, so I will refer you to this wonderful writeup. Amid some colorful quotes from actor Toby Huss (John Bosworth), there’s this bit, which resonated with me:

As we dug into the research, we looked for stories you couldn’t find online, and we got to interview a lot of people who made big contributions to the personal computer, but were forgotten by history…

…These people were part of something that was not recognized in its time as very important, and now means a great deal, so that’s a very fulfilling part of it…

…It’s not just the Teslas and Edison types that deliver the future. There are the nameless and uncredited middlemen, playing by ear, who see potential and connect the Teslas to the J.P. Morgans and the Googles and Facebooks to Sand Hill Road.

As much as we glorify “superstars” and “rockstars” these days and build cults of personality around CEOs, the unsung middlemen and women are always there too, working quietly behind the scenes.

That’s the story I want to write.


Is it your story? Then let’s mutiny.